DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the best adventure travel destinations in Africa. This is the best place to see both Eastern Lowland Gorillas and the Mountain Gorillas. The country is also home to Okapi Antelope that are native to the country. In Eastern Congo, lies three of the eight Virunga Mountains including the Nyiragongo Mountains, one of the few active volcanoes in Africa.

DR Congo was ranked first among the best budget safari gorilla safari spots in Africa and the most convenient place to watch rare primate species in the world. To experience how beautiful DR Congo is, you must consider exploring the best adventures in the country including Lola ya Bonobos, Virunga mountain gorillas, Kahuzi Biega National Park, Nyiragongo volcanoes, Lake Kivu, Garamba National Park, Kishasha, falls of Zongo, Boyoma Falls and much more. DR Congo is open for tourists year round and am sure you can coincide your plans with all the above tour activities. DR Congo is a neighbors Uganda and Rwanda other two interesting countries to explore in Africa. However, there are endless things to plan for couples, groups and family holidays in Congo.

Top Things to Do

Lola ya Banobos

Viewing the bonobos is Congo is a very wonderful experience that one can’t miss on a Congo safari tour. The rare cute primate creatures are amazing all through and  each is special in personality. Lola ya sanctuary is  a place worth visiting in Congo and learn something new .Find the bonobo home a few kilometers away from Kinshasha .You only need a day to spend time with these wonderful creatures.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Trekking mountain gorillas in Virunga national park of Congo comes first on every traveler’s bucket list. Seeing gorillas in Congo requires a lot of effort and expense but the experience with the gorillas makes you forget all the hassles that you went through to make it happen. If you are fit and above fifteen year of age its one of the top tourist adventures I would recommend you to do in Congo during your Africa safari tour. Don’t miss a chance to meet up with many other forest creatures that reside in the same forest jungle of Virunga with mountain gorillas.

Low Land Gorilla Trekking

No far from Virunga national is another gorilla’s home low land western gorillas a thing that makes it easy for tourists to track gorillas twice in Congo. If your interest is track both low and mountain gorillas, just head to Congo and get it all done. As if that is the beginning but also at the northern corner of Congo lives another low land gorilla park called Nouabale-Ndoki also a good place to view chimpanzees and wild elephants. The park is very stunning though and known to be the last Eden of earth.

Nyiragongo Volcanoes

Get a real chance to enjoy panoramic views, a night close to the stars and verdant surrounding of Virunga national park and other areas. The only Africa active volcanoes that shows signs of life Nyiragongo is one of the top tourist attractions in Democratic Republic of Congo in Virunga National Park. Adventure waits those willing to trek the great rewarding active volcanoes in Africa.


Usually capital cities add much to our safari memories and experience , same does when you visit Kinshasa  the capital of the Republic of Congo  and explore the  wonderful sceneries, fishing spots, artfacts,Universities, presidential farm and above all it’s the best place in Africa to enjoy night life.

Falls of Zongo

Looking at water flowing through a jungle canopy to the ground where it cools down from a hilly landscape, Congo falls in Congo is your place to be on your trip to Congo. Find this beautiful falls in just 130 kilometer distance from Kinshasa and carry home memories of the spectacular scenery that sits on Zongo Park.