Best 5 Things to Do in Rwanda

Rwanda the Land of a Thousand Hills

Rwanda is a number one destination in Africa that people want to visit before they die due to its natural beauty and landscape. Out of all of East Africa, Rwanda boasts the most impressive selection of national parks and attractions considered to be the jewel of Africa. Rwanda gorillas have been the source of inspiration to many travelers to Africa for holidays and it is usually the main focus of most Rwanda safari tours. The top most beautiful adventures in Rwanda that you shouldn’t miss out include Rwanda gorilla trekking, Genocide memorials, chimpanzee trekking, Diany Fossey conservation, and Lake Kivu beach gateways. Besides, today Rwanda is model of wildlife conservation and a great example for many countries across the world.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda has always been the best wildlife adventure in the world located in volcanoes national park a place also known for golden monkey trek and amazing wildlife conservation programs. Although it is one of the most beautiful adventures in the world, gorilla trekking is actually the reason for many to visit Rwanda for holidays year round. Indeed it’s serves as a prime attraction of Rwanda and any trip to Rwanda without gorilla trekking is incomplete. Being a year round activity, June-October and December- March are the best months to trek mountain gorillas. Rwanda gorilla permits cost only $750 dollars a price worth the experience and memories.Remeber you only need a day to track mountain gorillas in Rwanda volcanoes national park the finest gorilla trekking park convenient for even busy travelers.

Genocide Memorial Tours

This historical adventure was a result of the 1994 Rwanda genocide war between the Hutus and Tutsi people the famous two main tribes in Rwanda. According to history this war happened for about 100 days and it claimed thousands of lies in different areas around the country hence resulting into the most memorable Rwanda genocide memorials. Murambi, Gisozi, Gisenyi, Nyamata, Bisesero, Nyarubuye, Ntarama, Kigali Genocide are the most famous  Rwanda genocides sites that shelter remains of our brothers and sisters who lost their lives during the 1994 war. This is a great experience to be added on your Rwanda holiday any time soon.

Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda

Nyungwe forest national park is the only chimpanzee trekking destination in Rwanda that has never been destroyed. It’s a home to not only chimps but also other primates and other exciting adventures –the canopy walk, waterfall hike, and nature walk through the forest among others. Gorillas may be the star attraction in Rwanda, but trekking chimpanzees is also very rewarding and exciting just like other primate adventures. A thick mist conceals the forest in the morning hours when you assemble for the morning briefing before the trek but the forest even looks more impressive with its green vegetation. Many Rwanda visitors journey to Nyungwe Forest to trek chimpanzees although Rwanda holds many other beautiful attractions.

Dian Fossey Conservation Experience

Did you know Rwanda gorilla tourism began with one woman in 1967, Dian Fossey, saving gorillas alone but today Rwanda gorilla trekking is the most desired tour adventure in Africa. Besides Rwanda is very popular for gorilla trekking and conservation due to the works of Diany Fossey an American primatologist who dedicated her life to study the behaviors of mountain gorillas.Diany Fossey Conservation Fund and tomb that stands on a hill with in volcanoes national park is a great attraction for hikers and primate lovers and a visit to Dian Fossey’s tomb and research centers adds more value to your Rwanda gorilla trekking tour carrying home true memories based on facts.

Lake Kivu Beach Gateways

The most famous beach gateway experience in the all of Rwanda. Lake Kivu is a magical beach to behold on any Rwanda holiday any time of the year since it favors all kinds of vacations be it family or honeymoon. This magnificent lake is ideal for swimming, boat cruise, birding, sunset viewing, fishing, sunbathing, beach games, chilling and much more. You can experience it for real thanks to the lovely hotels and lodges around the lake that make your stay more comfortable than ever. Lake kivu Serena hotel is one of them and would highly recommend it for any travelers to the lake. The setting of the lake surrounding is ideal for all people including children.

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