Gorilla Trekking: Guide to Visiting the Gorillas in Africa

Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking is one of the most thrilling adventure activities that tourists enjoy in Eastern Africa.

Uganda has several choices of gorilla trekking holidays that are truly stunning, unforgettable and fabulous but amazing no one visits Uganda for gorilla tracking vacations without asking various questions about the entire upcoming Uganda safari. More over Uganda is a full of tourists from across the globe but surprisingly all ask the same Uganda holiday questions year round. Please check out the most asked questions about Gorilla Trekking safaris and holidays in Africa. Sometimes friends tell us about their experience but we believe by asking locals on ground despite the last minute inquiries and holiday preparations.

What is the best time to see gorillas in Africa?

Believe me  gorilla tracking is a year round activity that can be enjoyed all year, once a day starting with morning briefing ending with the joy and excitement of gorilla photography and observation. However, your gorilla trekking tour  depends on what you looking for   from luxury to budget since low season month gorilla trekking tours are cheaper than high season due change in gorilla permit prices for different gorilla trekking national parks. If your goal is just to see gorillas and other park wildlife, visit any gorilla trekking destination any time of the year and you will enjoy to your fullest.

Is seeing Mountain gorillas a grantee?

No matter where you track gorillas but seeing mountain gorillas in the wild forest is a grantee of 99% since no tourist has ever missed gorillas on any  gorilla trekking tour in Africa and neither you will if your planning your trek soon. Tracking gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo is a guarantee and the experience is same. Make sure you just book your gorilla permits, and be in the right place at a right time on the day of your trek.

What is the best gorilla trekking destination in Africa?

All gorilla trekking destinations in Africa are great but Uganda and Congo have the most affordable gorilla safaris compared to other destinations like Rwanda though East Africa has the most excellent gorilla trekking destinations in the all world. The region has five gorilla tracking national parks including Bwindi Forest National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Kahuzi Beiga national Park and Virunga National Park. However, travelers have a great opportunity to make choice among the available gorilla trekking destinations which depends on gorilla permit prices and next travel destination.

How can I book Gorilla Trekking Permits?

You need gorilla permits to track gorillas in your choice trekking destination and it’s a gate pass you need to obtain in advance before your visit. This can be booked while booking your gorilla tour by paying the gorilla permit fee as a trip deposit fee and confirmation for your trip with the organizing expert. Obtaining a gorilla permit alone confirms your gorilla trekking tour on the scheduled dates of your interest. Today, Uganda and Congo Gorilla permits are too competitive ever since Rwanda become a luxury Gorilla trekking destination and are scarce in high season months of June, July, August, September , December, February and March. I would advise you to book your gorilla permits six months before travel because they sometimes get sold-out four months in advance.

What is the cost of a gorilla tour in Africa?

Every traveler wants to know the price for a gorilla tour and indeed this is an interesting question that every gorilla trekking asks. Many forums have been discussed on travel guides like lonely planet and trip advisor but still travelers don’t get satisfying answers. The cost of a gorilla tour includes the gorilla permit price; accommodation and transport too and from the park .Those backpacking pay less than those on private gorilla trekking tours because everything on their trip is private. Depending on where you wish to track gorillas, currently gorilla permits in Uganda Cost $600 per trek, $400 in Democratic Republic of Congo and $1500 in Rwanda that matter a lot in the cost of any gorilla tour in Africa.

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