Planning a Budget Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Tracking Rwanda mountain gorillas is one of the most exciting enjoyable activities in Africa that rewards trackers with a life unforgettable experience.  Rwanda gorilla treks to volcanoes national park calls for a few documentations, cash and personal fitness or healthy status though it’s said to be the simplest among other gorilla tracking destinations in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. If planning for any Rwanda gorilla tracking trip, just look forward to the life changing experience and forget about the cost because it’s really worth it. In all travel aspects mountain gorilla tracking tours have famed for being the most expensive and most exciting   in all seasons  of the year  a thing that make its demand steep through out the year. Rwanda is indeed the best tracking gorilla destination for all gorilla tracking tours in Africa since tourists get a chance to experience the outstanding in just a short while. Those traveling on small budgets find Rwanda a great place for mountain gorilla tracking because hug saving are made on transport, accommodation and time. Those who can’t afford the 3 days Rwanda gorilla safari can still go in for the 2days or 1 day Rwanda gorilla trek depending on interest and Budget.

This however makes Rwanda gorilla tracking tours very budget and pocket friendly to all travelers seeking for life time memories of the rare primates.Important to note is that while in Kigali you can track mountain gorillas in just a day and only spend on the gorilla permit and a few dollars on transport. This is one of the most done trips in volcanoes national park for those with limited time and budget. It’s really a great thing to visit mountain gorillas on budget. Besides it’s interesting to experience it in a group of friends and family because you share a lot of moments and memories not only while in Rwanda but even when you return back home. Just about the beautiful primates, mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park live in habituated groups (families) led by dominated strong males – silverback gorillas that has the responsibility of a father and surely cares for all the group females and the young ones. The groups keep moving around the forest and are most seen and observed by park rangers who keep an eye on them all day long. However, the movement of all gorillas groups isn’t same because some move to a very further distance and some just keep around, the answer for long treks and hikes or short treks and hikes. Besides, despite their daily movement tourists to the forest see them still find them.

A drive from Kigali city to Volcanoes National park takes only 3hours to Musanze and that is due to the restricted driving laws of moving at a restricted pase but would have been even less. Nothing can bore you on this scenic ride from the wonderful views, homesteads, rolling hills, green vegetation and the cool weather. The impressive scenery especially the hilly views of mountain backdrops keep you awake looking forward to the next each second that passes by. Stops can be made upon request to capture overwhelming moments including the friendly locals who welcome you happily to their land and even feel comfortable to say hello by waving at you. One can love Rwanda as a country and cherish the gorilla tracking journey. Remember to wake up quite early around for a cup of tea before heading out to the park headquarters for briefing and gorilla family allocation that is if you opted for the one day Rwanda gorilla tracking tour. The trekking hours have never been same but some come back as early as one hour and others come after that though taking home a bunch of memories and great moments.

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