Tips to Help You Travel Like a Local in Africa

Travel Like a Local

Africa has everything and anything you want, from friendly locals, rich culture and history, natural surroundings. Each African country is undoubtedly good and fascinating, the choice to explore all remains with you but you’ll find Africa unique in its own way. Planning a trip to Africa is easy however you need tips on how to travel without so much hustle here and there, below we give you a few tips to guide you travel like a local in Africa.

Consult before travel

It’s very important to know where you are going and get as much collective information as you may need it. Ask friends or the locals who have visited in or stay there to brief you about the DO’S and DON’TS. Join in the online forums for informative ideas.

Be informed and know all your visa requirements at border entries and arrange them earlier to avoid unnecessary delays.

Learn basic of the local language

Africa is a whole big continent, it’s fascinating that almost all countries are top safari destination and you almost want to explore all. However planning a trip to Africa, it’s advisable to  learn a few basic words in the local language so you are not left out however much most African countries speak English, and few German, you also need basics like greetings, how to ask for food and a few things. This will help you travel like a local.


In Africa there are more than twenty currencies, It’s very important to at least get local currencies to ease your life while transacting. Always carry some dollar cash and reserve it for emergencies. In  need of exchanging a void the street dealers and look for an eligible place.

Eat like a local

Research about the country you are visiting and local dishes, plan ahead to meet your satisfaction. Most African food is fresh from the garden. Join those long lines for food, get to the local markets and select your food to prepare but be aware no to buy the road side snacks as they may be exposed to germs. Also avoid meat deep in remote areas as it may not be refrigerated enough.

Take time to explore

There is a lot to explore in Africa, talk of wild life in the savannah, lakes and rivers, culture and people but this is definitely on the to do list with almost every country you visit. The trick is take time slow down and go out of your tourist expectations, get deep to understand the locals and their way of living and you’ll find mire reasons to come to Africa. It’s very hilarious discovering good things on your own.

Travel during the day

Much as you would love to travel like a local, avoid travelling in the night in foreign land. Thuggery is everywhere and it’s important to keep on the watch for your safety.

Transport, in Africa the travel means are not yet advanced but you surely get to where you are heading. Transport means include tuktuk, matatus, bodabodas, taxis and it another experience traveling like a local. Imagine sitting in a bus with locals retiring from the market with their luggage of poultry and animals, that’s hilarious to mention.

Leave the flashy jewelry and designer labels at home – they’re not practical, and make you a target instantly. Don’t carry all your valuables in one place, it’s advisable to move around with only the necessary one. Pick pocketing is everywhere be on the watch.

Stay scam free of inflated prices and fake products sold at cheap prices

Your health is important, most African countries are in the malarial zone and therefore you need yellow fever vaccine, anti-malarial medication, antibiotics and Painkillers.

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